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Kathea is one of South Africa’s most established and respected specialist businesses offering value-added distribution. Now, Kathea Energy has partnered with SolarEdge and Tesla Energy to bring you innovative alternative energy solutions.

Entering the alternative energy space was an easy step as our unceasing electricity dilemma cannot be ignored.
Kathea Energy Banner
Kathea Energy Banner
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Tesla Customer Story
Watch Model S and Powerwall owner Clint outline the benefits of combining the Tesla Powerwall with solar and integrated software aggregation for control, savings and a change towards a more sustainable future.

How to Buy


All our products require installation by a qualified technician. Please complete the “Contact us” form below, and we will get you in touch with your closest technician.

Want to take your home/business off the grid?Become independent of Eskom! Save money and forget about load shedding with Kathea Energy.