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About Kathea Energy

Kathea Energy is one of South Africa’s most established and respected specialist businesses offering value-added distribution.

Now, Kathea Energy has partnered with SolarEdge, Huawei, Canadian Solar and others to bring you innovative alternative energy solutions.
Kathea is a leader in innovation.

Our success is reflected by the calibre of our channel partners who service the majority of SMEs, public sector and more than 90% of South Africa’s Top 40 listed companies.

Kathea has developed a global reputation for "market making" in South Africa’s IT industry. In testimony to this, over 21 major international brands have trusted us with their go-to-market strategies in Africa.

Now, with the creation of Kathea Energy and our entry into renewables, numerous market-leading brands have trusted Kathea Energy to do the same in this hugely exciting, alternative energy revolution.

Kathea has world-class client experience centres in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Durban where you can experience our full product range and engage with our highly skilled staff.
The Energy Crisis

“The renewable energy sector is the fastest growing industry in South Africa and is set to remain so until 2030 – and this is only the beginning.”  For the first time in history, the price of producing a Kw of power through solar PV has become cheaper than purchasing 1 Kw from Eskom. Furthermore, the government intends to build up to 8 new nuclear reactors with a price tag of approximately R1 Trillion, which will result in direct increases in our electricity tariffs. This comparative pricing is based on Eskom’s already granted annual increase of 12.69% and does not take into account their plan to submit an additional request for a 25.3% increase in the new financial year. Add weekly (sometimes daily) load-shedding on top of this and you have an environment in which the average South African and private sector are now rushing to secure their own energy security with attractive ROIs, power generation certainty and environmental awareness all front of mind.


Answer: Through a fully-fledged division of Kathea (PTY) Ltd called Kathea Energy, aimed at providing South Africans with the opportunity to power their homes the smart, safe and green way. We will offer businesses and consumers the ability to reduce peak demand charges, shift energy consumption profiles and participate in available grid markets.

How to Buy


All our products require installation by a qualified technician. Please complete the “Contact us” form below, and we will get you in touch with your closest technician.