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Load shedding… a word most South Africans dread but it’s become a part of our almost daily lives and its not expected to improve for many years to come.

Eskom’s problem is simply too big, so why not go off the grid?

The Alpha ESS SMILE5 offers you a number of solutions to our on going power problem and the system can be customized specifically for your needs and pocket.
Alpha ESS Storion Installation Guide. This guide will show you how the Storion All-In-One system is installed.
What is SMILE5?

Self sufficient

Modular battery

Intelligent control

Long lifespan

Elegant design



5KW Single phase nominal UPS power output

Modular battery:

0.5C Maximum Charge & discharge power. 3KW per Module

Intelligent control:

Programmable charge & discharge control

Long lifespan:

Alpha ESS only uses LFP and Metal-Can for the safest operation & longest cycle-life

Elegant design:

Indoor or outdoor elegant & slim design takes little space

How does it work?


How to buy


All our products require installation by a qualified technician. Please complete the “Contact us” form below, and we will get you in touch with your closest technician.