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Huawei innovates and optimizes throughout the entire lifecycle of PV energy generation. By integrating cutting-edge digital, internet and PV technology, our FusionSolar Smart PV Solution is efficient, easy to install, safe and reliable, helping you achieve better ROI with higher yields and lower maintenance cost.
With over 27 years of experience Huawei combined PV technology with digital and internet technology. Based on the vision of simplification and digitalisation, unlike the conventional Inverter the Huawei smart controllers can “think” and function as the “brain” of your solar PV plant. Simplifying installations and saving you costs with high quality auto visuals your PV plant can be controlled globally through cloud computing technology.



More Efficient and More Intelligent


Our solution makes any commercial rooftop PV power system more efficient and more intelligent. Let us help you to maximise your return on investment.

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Higher yields:

Multiple MPPT minimize the shortcomings of shading and uneven orientations.

Simple O & M:

String-level management & optimisation. Smart I-V Curve Diagnosis, online inspection across all strings.

Safe & Reliable:

Fully sealed, IP65 prevents against water penetration and corrosion. Minimal fire risk. Low noise outputs. Low electromagnetic radiation fields.

Equivalent CAPEX:

Smart Inverter simplifies system architecture & design. Quick & easy construction with no Inverter housing, heavy equipment or DC combiners etc.

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All our products require installation by a qualified technician. Please complete the “Contact us” form below, and we will get you in touch with your closest technician.