Ingeteam is a company specialising in power and control electronics (inverters, frequency converters, controllers and protections), generators, motors and pumps, electrical engineering and automation projects, electrical panels and medium voltage cells, in addition to biomass and solar thermal plant engineering. The company completes its offer with operation & maintenance services, and installation services.

Ingeteam develops its products in the following key sectors: wind, PV, hydro and fossil fuel power generation; metal processing industry; marine; rail traction; power grid, including substations, always seeking to optimise energy consumption and to maximise generating efficiency, also covering energy transport and distribution.

The company operates throughout the world, employing 3,500 persons. R&D is the backbone of Ingeteam's business activity, in which 5% of the company's turnover is invested annually.

Ingeteam is a market leader specializing in electrical engineering and the development of electrical equipment, motors, generators and frequency converters.

It deploys its products in four main sectors: energy, industry, marine and railway traction, seeking to optimise energy consumption while maximising generating efficiency.



With more than 45 years’ experience in the power electronics sector, and more than 26-year track record in renewable energy, Ingeteam has designed an extensive range of grid-connected and stand-alone PV inverters, marketed under the INGECON® SUN brand and with rated capacities from 2.5 kW to 6,550 kW. Over the last few years, Ingeteam has supplied more than 5 GW, equipping residential PV systems and also large-scale multi-megawatt projects with INGECON® SUN inverters. The Ingeteam PV network of sales offices are strategically located in Spain, Italy, Germany, France, USA, Brazil, Mexico, China, the Czech Republic, India, South Africa, Uruguay, Philippines, Australia and Chile to provide effective sales coverage and after sales services.

Ingeteam brings you a new family of single phase inverters, intended for the residential sector and for larger, decentralised projects as well as a three-phase inverter family for domestic, industrial and large-scale PV plants.
Development of advanced energy storage solutions. These solutions, based on power and control electronics, meet the energy manageability needs with regard to generation, distribution and consumption.
Ingeteam provides complete energy self-consumption solutions for domestic and industrial installations, smart energy management systems, PV plant control systems to guarantee the quality and stability of the electric supply as well as integration of photovoltaics into diesel grids.
Ingeteam provides a device to measure the PV generator string currents and detect any current fault, weather station for PV plants, maximum control over the PV system parameters, a range of options for establishing communications with the PV inverters from a PC, as well as applications for either local or remote PV plant monitoring.