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Kathea Energy victron slider
A wide range of inverter/charger sizes and configurations. Our inverter/charger models range from a small 500VA unit all the way up to a 15kVA unit. Multiple units can be connected in parallel and/or 3-phase configuration. Thus it is possible to create systems ranging in power size from a small single phase system up to an impressive 180kVA 3-phase system.
With the Victron extensive experience in storage application Victron’s Multiplus Inverter are the preferred solution for off-grid residential storage application and with its flexibility in design. With its flexibility of battery options you can have the option from Lead Acid, Gel and Lithium Ion.

NRS 097-2-1 certified

Easy to scale:

Fully Scalable


Grid tied – Capability


Off – grid capability


Multiple Battery compatibility

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