Genset Integration

Genset Integration

ENcombi is compatible with most inverters and generators.

Easy to integrate: ECpv can connect with any brand of solar inverter, power meter, weather sensor and genset controller. Making it easy for you to choose the products you want to use – instead of having to rely on what the control system can support.

Easy to Install: Whether you choose an ECcube solution or ECpv controller and build up the system on your own – the system is very simple to install.Besides a power supply, the ECpv controller is purely based on communication lines. Meaning you need just to connect the communication lines to the other equipment in the system. No additional current transformers, converters, or similar is needed.

Easy to Mirror: When your ENcombi system is running. You can monitor all live values and keep track of events and alarms. No modification or customization is needed from your side – ECweb and ECpanel will adapt and show you all the data available from your site.

Easy to Use: The ECpv is a dedicated control system, built with you as the operator in mind. It offers a guided setup from the ECweb webserver. Protocols and logics are already embedded, so the only thing you have to worry about is to pick the right parameters and protocols for the devices you have connected with and the ECpv will handle from there.

Why ENcombi?

For years, PV and PV Hybrid energy management systems has been highly customized, expensive and hard to use. ENcombi changes all this by putting all their knowledge and efforts into creating a product that has all the functionality you need for even the most complex sites, and is easy to use.