Say Goodbye to Loadshedding
with Huawei Power-S

Huawei Power-S is Power & Backup Solution for Commercial & Industrial

Seamless switchover | Flexible sizing | All in one & simple installation

Reliable 24-hour Power Supply

• <10 ms energy switchover
• Uninterrupted experience
• Solar grid generator battery Seamless switchover

•Integrated battery, inverter, rectifier, solar MPPT,bypass, AC SPD
•Built in hybrid EMS, generator controller
•All internal cables pre integration
•Transformerless , support IP/4G & dual SIM cards

•Fully modular design, all modules Plug & Play
•Flexible sizing configured as required: Inverter 3 ~ 60KW, Battery 5 ~ 600 kWh, Solar 0 ~ 144kW
•Easy capacity expansion and flexible for any budget
•Support to work with existing grid tied solar inverter

•All in one, within one day installation
•All modules Commissioning free no DIP switch setting
•All internal cables pre integration
•Outdoor solution 0 civil work, more saving

POWER S Solution Advantages