Huawei Residential


Huawei’s long awaited residential solution is finally coming to South Africa in 2021. This innovative and versatile solution allows customers to start with either just a battery and inverter solution in AC coupled mode. Alternatively customers can start with a Grid Tie Solar System and add batteries later.

Optimizers are also an option on this solution allowing for extra energy yield, and individual solar panel monitoring. Contrary to other solutions in the market, these Optimizers are optional, and can be used on a part of the installation where modules are shaded.

The Huawei LUNA Battery is available in 5kWh modules and can be expended to 30kWh per system.

The Huawei Residential solution has been a top seller internationally and brings all the Innovative technology for which Huawei has become renowned, and which has made Huawei the top selling Inverter brand worldwide for the last 5 years.